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Welcome to Mariette, a confectionery shop specializing in exotic covered fruits and other premium chocolate edibles and treats. Located in the historic Downtown Willow Glen district, Mariette is the latest addition to a growing crop of small, family-run businesses in South San Jose. As a husband and wife team with over 20 years of individual entrepreneurial experience with backgrounds in IT and healthcare/hospitality and our insatiable sweet tooth, our love for chocolate to be exact, perhaps it is nothing short of serendipity and fate that we jointly embark on this journey in which we eagerly wish to share our penchant for quality, variety and local products while surrounded in everything chocolate. Or perhaps, it all started in our Mid-western roots growing up on Fannie May Chocolates when we had our first taste of those old-fashioned chocolate covered orange peels, not to mention those rich bonbons, unforgettable! In fact, my beloved Aunt Angel, an epicurean, famous for her gourmet cooking never returned to her home in Marin without filling up on those orange peels when visiting. I think she’d not only approve but enjoy our Mariette version.

Our philosophy is meshed in our love and respect of food as it has been the cornerstone of our upbringing. Like many of you, we grew up eating home-made meals prepared from scratch daily by Mom using fruits and produce grown in the backyard or bought at the colorful ethnic markets in or around the neighborhood. Food was and is an expression of joy and love towards others. It is no mystery that food, sweets in particular, bring joy to people and are meant to be shared with loved ones. Although, times are changing and the world a little different these days, why not hang on to some of those simple, sweet memories, one delicious, indulgent morsel at a time!

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